Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Cluttered Bedroom is NOT Sexy!

Ok this needs to be said – Get that mess out of your bedroom before you get your groove on! What can dampen a sexy mood faster than seeing a pink My Little Pony starring at you just as you’re about to… I’m sure you get the picture. Even worse, right when it’s starting to warm up between the sheets, you are fighting to ignore that annoying “thing” that keeps poking you in the back. Opps! Its that blue shoe you were looking for this morning. Let me say this as plainly as possible: Cluttered bedrooms are a TURN OFF!

I can’t begin to tell you how many men I have calling me in total disgust about their bedrooms. They have had it with the toys, papers, clothing, books and whatever else taking over the love nest. In essence, they are saying, “ Tamme pimp my bedroom!” (I had to throw that line in there for my fellow MTV 35 and under crowd.) In other words , the popular request for many of my married male clients are related to bedroom clutter. Oh, and then there are my single female clients. Whom have finally gotten a clue that inviting that handsome stallion into a ridiculously cluttered bedroom to get “a little more comfortable” may be wrong move. You’ve guest it, he normally doesn’t rush to call back the next day.

The key point to remember is that setting the right mood is everything. We’ve all heard it before; men are visual creatures. So walking into a room that is inviting, organized and cozy is a sexy turn on. By the way, here’s a newsflash for all those cluttered men out there who may think that I am exclusively talking to the women. News flash: Men get that cluttered, stinky, over run with paper and dirty dishes bachelor’s pad together! Trust me men, you may think that she’s enjoying the foreplay but she’s really thinking, “Yuck, I can only imagine what’s on these sheets!” So the following steps are for all of those who are dealing with that dreaded inexcusable – bedroom clutter.

Step #1: Get rid of the kids stuff. Ban all kids toys, video games, stuffed animals, clothing ..etc. What’s even more scary is that some of you have a bedroom full of dusty stuffed animals and dolls but you don’t even have children! Turn off! The bedroom must look mature and sophisticated at all times.

Step #2: Is it an office or a bedroom? Is it a library or a bedroom? Granted, some paper work and books are fine in bedrooms. However, if it seems that the paperwork is taking over and the books are now the focal point of the room, then downsizing is a must. Here is a trick: Take a look at your bedroom from entrance doorway. What do you see first? If it’s a bunch a paperwork, bills, magazines, circulars and books then there is a problem.

Step #3: Spruce up your bed. After investing in nice linen, keep the bed made. Obviously, making the bed everyday, will force even the most disorganized to at least clear off the bed. A clear and clutter-less bed is always a good thing to have ready when the romance begins.

Step #4: Clear off the dressers, night stands and armoires in your bedroom. An easy fix is have small drop baskets, holders, or decorative boxes that go with the décor of your room.

Step #5: Set the tone of the bedroom. Adding candles, soothing aroma therapy devices, artwork and decorative pieces are always great. Bet remember – less is more. Don’t over do it.

In a nutshell, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place of rest, relaxation and pleasure. Too much bedroom clutter can be loud and distracting. Get rid of it for once and for all.

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Shrtsxycute said...

This is sooo true. If a man or woman has to clear a path to your bed --- you really need to clean your room. God forbid he or she gets up to use the bathroom and they stump there toe, trip over shoes, what 1st impression did you really show to your guest.